15 Signs That Your Cat Might Be Stressed

Though we have a tendency to ar a ME Coon website, stress may be a serious issue for any cat that is why this text isn’t specific to our featured breed.

Just like America, cats will expertise feelings of stress which might cause them to suffer severe internal turmoil. As owners, we should always learn to acknowledge the signs and so alleviate the underlying cause, particularly if the cause may be a health issue. If a cat suffers from stress for any length of your time it will have a significant result on its overall health and successfulness.

Cats are quite sensible at masking stress and a few of the clues are quite refinedtherefore here are fourteen signs that your cat could be stressed for you to observe out for and touch onparticularly if they manifest suddenly.

1. Spraying or Eliminating Outside of The Litter Box

Stressed cats are noted to avoid mistreatment of their litter boxes. therefore if your cat United Nations agency typically uses the box all of the time suddenly goes elsewhere then stress may rather be the cause.

Spraying or urinating around your house is a positive sign that each one isn’t well. If your cat hasn’t been unsexed or castrated this could be the time to talk to your vet concerning having ‘the operation’. However, if your cat has already been mounted there’ll be another reason for this unsociable habit. it’s going to be feeling the urge to mark its territory as a result of it’s noticed an odd cat through a window however on some occasions, it’s going to have developed a UTI (urinary tract infection). therefore if it becomes quite a natural event incidencebe careful of a visiting feline and conjointly visit your vet for a check-up.

If your cat begins to ca-ca outside of its litter box this might be for a spread of reasons. in a very multi-cat house, another cat mistreatment the box initial will place the second cat off mistreatment it. Or it can be your cat is troubled to enter the box because of adulthood or associate degree injury, or doesn’t just like the position of the box. If you’ve recently touched it, move it back or strive for a unique new position if necessary.

Keeping the Litter box as clean as doable very helps. Having a minimum of 2 litter boxes in a very multi-cat house is additionally a decent plan. If you’re not a follower of litter boxes and don’t relish the thought of getting quite one in your home, strive a hidden one such as this.

2. Hiding

Cats do love a quiet spot out of sight occasionally however if your cat is suddenly activity heaps a lot of and doesn’t emerge after you try and coax it out, stress can be a first-rate issue. If you’ve got recently introduced a replacement pet into the house this might be the cause. generally, older cats hide owing to associate degree fanciful danger brought on by the onset of Feline psychological feature dysfunction (FCD). If the activity carries on for quite somedayyou must take your cat to the vet for associate degree examination.

3. Excessive Grooming

Most cats groom themselves many times each day however to not the purpose that they take away excessive amounts of fur. If your cat looks to be grooming non-stop and particularly if bald spots begin showing then one thing is probably going to be inflicting it to feel stressed. generally, it’s a replacement pet that’s inflicting your cat to expertise feelings of insecurity and you’ll need to work on subsidence your existing cat. try this as shortly as doable as your cat may get into associate degree excessive grooming habit that’s had to interrupt. Your cat may even have a medical condition inflicting a skin irritation therefore a visit to the vets is also necessary.

4. Excessive Shedding

If you notice heaps a lot of your cat’s fur shedding than you’d expect for the time of year, stress may be a causative issuetake into account if one thing in your cat’s surroundings is inflicting it to stress and take a look at to eliminate this trigger. Excessive shedding may be caused by poor diet, associate degree infection or associate degree hypersensitivity reaction therefore it’s best to hunt the opinion of your vet.

5. modification in Sleeping Habits

Cats will quite jubilantly sleep for up to eighteen hours dailythis can be commonplace behavior.

If your cat suddenly starts to sleep way more than usual, it can be a victim of stress. Loneliness and tedium could be the cause, thereforetry and play with and move together with your cat heaps a lot of to alleviate these feelings. offer it with many toys and scratching posts to complement its surroundingsi like this final PetFusion scratching lounger. it’s nearly six,0000 5-star reviews, appearance trendy and is nice worth for cashyou’ll even by many and wall mount them to form a fun rise and scratching wall that any cat would love. I play and interaction doesn’t modification your cat’s lazy habits, take a visit to the vets for an examination.

If your cat is sleeping perceptibly but usual, this can be conjointly a stress signal. Restlessness and also the inability to relax mean one thing can be worrying about your cat.

6. attenuated appetency or Loss of appetency

It is worrying once cats stop intake as a result of they’ll dehydrate therefore quickly because they get heaps of their fluids from their food (assuming they aren’t on a dry–food-only diet). similar to we tend to lose out appetites after we feel nervous concerning associate degree communication or a driving check, cats will lose theirs after they feel stressed. therefore if you notice your cat is barely intaken or stops intake altogether raise yourself if something in its surroundings can be creating it feel stressed and take a look at to eliminate the matter. This isn’t continually simpleparticularly if the cause may be a new house pet.

7. General Lethargy

If your cat becomes unco lazy and reluctant to play or move this abundant, then stress can be the wrongdoer. Lethargy could be a common stress symptom and tedium is also the problem. Again, associate degree enriched surroundings and play is the key to set this sort of stress. this easy Cat Dancer is one in every of the simplest toys for any cat. it’s thousands of positive reviews from happy customers and is superb worth for cash.

8. Excessive vocal music

If your cat meows, howls or ‘talks’ way more than usual, particularly once it can’t see you, then mark as one thing is also wrong. In older cat memory issues will induce this sort of behavior. Being alone within the dark will cause cats to feel disorientated and stressed. think about using dawn until nightfall night lights that plug into wall power sockets like these (opens in an exceedingly new window). they’re good for guaranteeing that your cat isn’t left utterly within the dark. they’re low cost to run too.

If your cat is vocal music and looks in pain or sick, don’t take any probabilities and go straight to the vets. If excessive vocalization continues for some days then even though there aren’t any obvious symptoms of sickness, take your cat for a general medical checkup.

9. magnified Aggression

If your cat becomes aggressive or shows a rise in its usual aggression level towards individuals or different unit pets, then stress can be answerablevery often the aggression isn’t directed at the reason behind the strain. Pain from associate degree injury or associate degree sickness is also inflicting this unwanted behavior, therefore, don’t ignore it. Check your cat fastidiously for signs of associate degree injury or something uncommon – a visit to the vets can be on the cards.

10. excitable and Nervous Behavior

Stress will build a cat tense and nervous around individuals it’s sometimes comfy with. If your cat is suddenly a lot of simply surprised and runs a mile after you enter the space, then one thing is worrying it. As usual, try and eliminate the cause if it’s obvious – it would not be. A pet camera can be valued finance in because it can capture events that occur after you ar off from the house – you may discover what’s displeasing your cat. Here’s one that’s extremely suggested.

11. High Heartrate

Stress will cause associate degree elevated vital signs in cats. therefore if your cat’s vital sign is high (over 220 metronomes marking once it’s resting) then stress or another medical condition can be the cause. you’ll be able to live your cat’s heartbeat by putting one fork over its left facetsimply behind its front leg. Count the number of beats in fifteen seconds and multiply by four to induce the guts rate in beats per minute (bpm). If your cat’s heart is over 220 metronomes marking and resting doesn’t lower it, don’t take any probabilities – go straight to your vets.

12. expanded Pupils

A cat’s pupils increase and reduce in size in keeping with the number of sunshine. If your cat is in broad daylight however its pupil’s ar outsizedthis is often proof it’s feeling stressed and very often this sort of stress is caused by pain. Keep a watch on your cat and if its pupils don’t cut back fairly quickly you ought to very visit the vets.

13. Tail tucked Down Between Legs

An assured and happy cat holds its tail high. A stressed cat usually holds its tail down low, tucked between its legs.

14. looseness of the bowels or Constipation

Stress caused by a modification in your cat’s surroundings will usually cause changes to intestine movements. therefore if you notice your cat has looseness of the bowels or constipation for over every day there’s an opportunity your cat is feeling stressed. If you’ve simply moved house or rearranged the furnishings in your current home this might be the cause. If your cat doesn’t settle among some days, speak to your vet for a recommendation.

15. Excessive Scratching

Cats scratch if they need fleas or skin conditions however stress may also cause them to scratch too for no obvious reason. If your cat is freed from fleas and has no different obvious skin grievance then it can be feeling stressed and you may confirm why.


As you’ll be able to see, stress will crop up in some ways in cats – some quite delicate and a few ways more obvious. currentlyyou recognize what can be proof of stress the tougher task you face is the way to take away the cause.

Some straightforward factor to examine are:

Your cat’s surroundingsensure your cat has many toys and stimulation. tedium is high on the list of causes of stress.

Company. Loneliness could be an immense contributive issue to worry about.

Illness and general health. Poorly cats and cats in pain can show signs of stress.

Household inharmoniousness. Family arguments or new pets it doesn’t feel comfy will cause your cat to suddenly feel stressed in what it once thought of its safe and happy home.

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