4 Signs of a lady Worth Following

Can you consider one woman worth following, past or present?

She could be in your family or within the public spotlight.

What is it about her that creates her stand aside from the crowd?

Is it what she stands for, who she is, or some combination of both?

For me, I like a lady who lives a life with purpose, diligence, forgiveness, and hospitality. a lady who desires to nurture, love, care, and to enhance the lives of those she touches. Furthermore, a lady worth following may be a woman of greatness. Below I even have outlined 4 signs of a fantastic female leader.

4 Signs of a lady Worth Following:

1 – She Wisely Wears Her Rubies:
By this I mean her immense wisdom. Wisdom is worth much more than rubies. I like how Proverbs describes a lady of wisdom as: “A rich desire for knowledge and a love for humanity”. Wisdom features a voice and it’s feminine! a lady worth following doesn’t substitute silence. She listens to the voice of courage and alters and it guides her in making choices that display discretion, patience, and understanding.

2 – She Lives Beyond Herself:
She’s crammed with compassion for the smallest amount, the last, and therefore the lost. You know, those that few like, nobody sees, nobody hears. a lady worth following always thinks beyond herself. She’s not a narcissist taking constant “selfies” (pictures of oneself). No, a lady worth following is mindful of those who are suffering within the world around her. Empathy fills her and causes her to act. She spreads joy, love, and laughter wherever she goes. Ultimately, people feel safe to be seen by her.

3 – She’s Got Guts:
She’s not against risk. I might say that the majority of women worth following are willing to require risks. I’m not talking about risks of immaturity, like driving home drunk. I’m talking about wise risks like self-publishing that manuscript you’ve worked on for five years or taking that trip to the Central African Republic to encounter another culture that’s always fascinated you. a lady worth following possesses the center to risk. And not only that, she’s counted the value. Calculated the leap. Whether it’s an investment of her time, money, energy, or relationships, she’s willing to pay the worth, take the jump, and choose the glory.

4 – She Is an ingenious Voice, Not an Echo:
She doesn’t mimic others, she creates. She’s an ingenious. She’s got something unique, different, and distinct about her. She marches to the beat of her drum. to try to do this takes courage. Boldness. It’s tough to place yourself “out there”, to present your voice, your ideas, your life itself for others to critique and examine. But a lady worth following does all of these things, time and time again because she knows there’s a singular contribution that only she will make to the planet.