The 6 Signs of Damaged Hair + The way TO Save it

You may have noticed or even you haven’t, who knows honestly, but I’m a blonde. And no, sadly, it’s not natural. (Shout bent all the babes out there with naturally blonde hair. Just know that I’m forever jealous of you!)

I’ve been dying it regularly for the past 9 years, but the past year approximately I took the dive and decided to travel platinum/white and let me tell ya, I’m hooked into the color!

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Unfortunately, going that light does a lot of damage to your hair. I’m talking that dry, dull, hair abruption quite damage, which makes dying your hair a reasonably color kinda pointless.

Damaged hair sucks and that I don’t mean to scare you, but the likelihood is that you almost certainly have damaged hair too. Most folks have done some quite damage to our hair, it’s not exactly very hard to try to so. numerous things cause damaged hair, including diet and genetics.

But if you are doing any of the subsequent 7 things, you’re at an increased rate for damaged hair.

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