The 6 Signs of Damaged Hair + The way TO Save it

You may have noticed or even you haven’t, who knows honestly, but I’m a blonde. And no, sadly, it’s not natural. (Shout bent all the babes out there with naturally blonde hair. Just know that I’m forever jealous of you!)

I’ve been dying it regularly for the past 9 years, but the past year approximately I took the dive and decided to travel platinum/white and let me tell ya, I’m hooked into the color!

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Unfortunately, going that light does a lot of damage to your hair. I’m talking that dry, dull, hair abruption quite damage, which makes dying your hair a reasonably color kinda pointless.

Damaged hair sucks and that I don’t mean to scare you, but the likelihood is that you almost certainly have damaged hair too. Most folks have done some quite damage to our hair, it’s not exactly very hard to try to so. numerous things cause damaged hair, including diet and genetics.

But if you are doing any of the subsequent 7 things, you’re at an increased rate for damaged hair.

1 – Coloring/dying/bleaching
No real shock here, and therefore the favorite reason why my very own hair is broken. Dye breaks through into the cuticle chemically and removes the natural pigment of your hair, which successively, causes the structure of your hair to vary. This makes your hair more susceptible to damage.

2 – Perms
Whether you’re chemically straightening your hair or chemically curling it, perms cause a lot of damage. Perms work by breaking the inner bonds of your hair and reforming them back together in a different way, which, let us face it, sounds extremely damaging!

3 – Heat
Probably the foremost common thanks to damaging your hair. It doesn’t matter if you’re straightening, curling, or blow-drying, you’re causing damage to your hair anytime you apply heat thereto and if done on a day to day, permanent damage can happen!

4 – Certain hairstyles/extensions/weaves
Listen, we all wear our hair in ponytails from time to time and lots of folks use weaves or extensions to make different non-permanent looks, and if done correctly, the damage is restricted. The damage comes from how tight this stuff is. If your ponytail is extremely tight or you’re Rockin tight braids, you’re causing your hair to interrupt. this is often very true if your hair is wet or if these styles are worn daily. Extensions and weaves are often considered worse because they have a tendency to cause damage to the roots, which isn’t an honest thing.

5 – Over-brushing
Contrary to popular belief, brushing your hair 1,000,000 times each day doesn’t make it healthier or shinier. It can cause more breakage, ouch!

6 – Over-washing

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This may come as a shock to you, but our hair wasn’t designed to be washed every single day. we’ve natural oils that often moisturize our hair but once we use an excessive amount of shampoo, we find yourself washing away the natural oils, making our hair dry.

7 – Towel-drying
The most shocking one, and doubtless the one we do most frequently, without even realizing we’re doing it. once you dry your hair with a towel, during a fast rubbing motion, you’re causing damage to your hair when your hair is most vulnerable. When towel drying your hair, pat it lightly a couple of times, only enough to urge some excess water out.

If you are doing any of the 7 things listed above, (don’t worry I do about 5 of them), your hair has probably accumulated some damage. you’ll be asking, “but how do I do know if my hair is damaged?”. The signs are usually pretty obvious. Most of the time you’ll be ready to see or feel the damage.

Here are the 6 biggest signs that your hair could also be damaged:

  1. Split ends
  2. Hair that’s too knotty or hard to figure with
  3. Dry hair
  4. Dull hair that’s lacking a healthy shine
  5. Excessive shedding
  6. Breakage
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Your hair could also be as damaged as mine and show all the signs, or it’d only show one or two. Either way, you would like to either stop, erase, or prevent any longer damage to your hair.

Now during a perfect world, we’d just stop dying, bleaching, perming, straightening, over-washing, or any of the opposite damaging things mentioned above. But which will not be the desired option for you or your hair may already be damaged and in need of repair, and that’s what we’ve products that treat and stop damaged hair for!

We are so lucky that we’ve numerous options nowadays. I mean, not even that way back, (think 30-40 years ago), there weren’t many options for treating damaged hair. Now, with advancements in technology and hair care as an entire, we’ve countless products and procedures to settle on from.

I’ve tried numerous products starting from the drugstore, to high-end, and I’m sharing with you the simplest of the simplest.

These are the 5 way I exploit that has saved my damaged hair :

1 – ApHogee Two-Step Protein Treatment

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This stuff may be a life-saver. An employee at Sally’s Beauty recommended it to me once I went in and asked for a hair mask that wouldn’t interfere with my hair color, and I’m so glad she did! It’s not a mask but a hair treatment that rebuilds hair texture and stops breakage.

The first time I used it I used to be floored with the results. My hair hadn’t felt that soft and smooth and didn’t look that healthy during a while. I exploit it once every week and right after I dye my hair, when my hair is weakest, for added strength!

2 – ApHogee Balancing Moisturizer

If you’re getting to use the Aphogee Two-Step Protein Treatment, you want to use this immediately after, (hence the name Two-Step Protein Treatment).I also love using this in situ of my conditioner. It improves manageability, adds strength and shine, and thickens hair.

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3 – Shea Moisture 100% Extra Virgin copra oil

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If you’re not using copra oil for basically everything, why? Nah, but really, copra oil may be a lifesaver. i like using these in-between treatments to feature a touch extra moisture to my hair. Tip: don’t use an excessive amount of and avoid the roots because it could make your hair look and feel extra oily.

4 – Shea Moisture copra oil Daily Hydration Leave-In

I love these things for convenience. It’s much easier and more convenient to use than the regular copra oil . copra oil comes during a large container that you simply need to dip your hands into, it’s hard initially but softens in your hands and as you employ it, but it is often messy and a touch time-consuming. these things may be a spray, which makes it easier to hold and convey alongside you for an on the go pick me up.

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5 – It’s a Ten Miracle Leave-In Product

My fav Lil pick me up. The smell is amazing, it jogs my memory of that fresh out of the salon smell, and it does wonders for my hair. I usually use this when my hair needs a touch more life, like the very first thing within the morning. It softens, smooths, makes hair feel thicker, and adds shine, all without feeling greasy!